JUNE 4, 2004


The meeting was called to order at 9:28 a.m. in the Sussex Conference Room, 6th floor, 124 Halsey Street, Newark, New Jersey by Chairman Edward Reading who gave notice of compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.


Committee Chair, Edward Reading
Committee Vice Chair, Donald Weinbaum
Committee Member, Sylvia Lippe
Committee Member, Georgene Brazer
Staff Present:
Executive Director, Elaine L. DeMars
Deputy Attorney General, Susan Berger
Administrative Staff, Celeste Sweeper
Administrative Staff, Tawana Thomas


On a motion made by Sylvia Lippe and seconded by Donald Weinbaum, the minutes were approved as amended.


Gregory Tardiff, recently licensed (LCADC), appeared to inform the Committee of his experience in petitioning managed care companies for inclusion in the networks for reimbursement as an alcohol and drug counselor and independent provider. His concern is that there may not be an awareness of the new State license. Mr. Tardiff was advised that the Committee has no jurisdiction in this area and that the issue may be better addressed by the professional associations.


A. Executive Director Elaine DeMars provided the Committee with the following report of applications received, in process and approved:

Regular (non-grandfather) database entered: 203 - Pending Committee approval
Grandfather applications database entered: 528 - Pending Committee approval
Applicants licensed: 66
Total applicants entered in L2K: 797

Applications to be processed:
Regular: 81
Grandfather: 23
Total Number of Applications: 901

B. The Committee approved 6 applications for certification and 96 for licensure.

C. The Committee discussed concern with the fact that DWI arrests are not included in the State mandated Criminal History Background Check reports. Deputy Attorney General Susan Berger will report back to the Committee as to whether that information can be requested for all applicants through a Driverís Abstract.

D. The Committee reviewed a drafted revision to the regular application to be used by State certified (CADC) individuals applying to upgrade to LCADC.

E. The Committee also approved the following application revisions to:

1) Include an option on the grandfather application for an APCBNJ approved CADC to apply for the State CADC.

2) Add the option to request to take the written examination on the regular application.

3) Instructions for future applicants to submit two (2) passport-size photos with their application.

F. The Committee approved revisions to both the regular and grandfather application cover letters to include the changes in sections (D and E) above.

G. The Committee agreed that on or about October 1, 2004 correspondence will be sent to CADCs certified by APCBNJ who have not yet submitted an application for state certification/licensure to provide additional notice that State certification or licensure is required for practice in New Jersey.

H. The Committee was provided with a list of New Jersey College and University educational alcohol and drug program directors who have responded to an invitation to discuss the State CADC/LCADC application and the course work reporting requirements during the public session of the June 25, 2004 meeting.


A. Committee Presentations: N.J.A.C. 13:34C and the Application Requirements Executive Director DeMars reported that the following presentations date is not yet confirmed: PAC - July 16, 2004.


On a motion by Sylvia Lippe and seconded by Donald Weinbaum, the following applicants were approved for certification/licensure:

LCADC - Grandfather
1. Nancy Lee Alwin
2. Nancy Ashworth
3. Donald Astarita
4. Kieran Ayre
5. Carl Barefoot
6. Louis Barretti
7. Leo Battenhausen
8. Maria Baugh
9. Andrew Becker
10. Paul Becker
11. Kathryn Bedard
12. Maria Berrios
13. Jennifer Ann Bowe
14. Bonny R. Bowman
15. Regina Brzek
16. Kathleen Buhl
17. Margaret Burns
18. Lisa Calderaro
19. Ellen Carroll
20. Barbara Cashin
21. Rita Cella-Reseska
22. Marilyn Chapman
23. Judith Cheung
24. Helen Clark
25. Karyl Cleary
26. Barbara Clifford-Sedotti
27. Matthew Collins
28. Margaret Conlon
29. Joseph Conte
30. Patricia Corboy
31. Edna Covington
32. Risa Cullinane
33. Paul J. Cunningham
34. Joan Cybulski
35. Patricia DeLorenzo
36. Charles F. DeVeau
37. MarianneDiekmann
38. Thomas R. Dodd
39. Laurie Emhe
40. Harald Eversheim
41. Kevin Ferry
42. Keith Foreman
43. Eleanor Fortuna
44. Barbara Francavilla
45. Margaret Friedrich
46. Lorraine Gassaway
47. Thomas Gannon
48. Mary Gill
49. Brian Gilroy
50. Barbara Hayles
51. William Hilinsky
52. Elizabeth Hill
53. Jerelyn Hoos
54. Nancy Horowitz
55. Eileen Isaacson
56. Michael Jackson
57. Kimberlee Karpack
58. Sharon Katz
59. Margaret Kelly
60. John King
61. Ilona Klahr-Tomaszewsky
62. Kathryn Lynch
63. Edward Lyons
64. Joseph Marcucci
65. Maureen Mastine
66. Andrzej Mazan
67. Alice McAteer
68. Elizabeth McCool
69. Marilyn McCusker
70. Colleen McDonald-Kacerosky
71. Laura McLean
72. Abby Michaleski
73. Hubert Moran
74. John Mullins
75. Patrick M. Mulvenna
76. Martha Peterson
77. Margaret Pope
78. Gayle Potter
79. Lawrence Purvis
80. Barbara Ratcliffe
81. Evelyn Rossi-Gabin
82. Kathleen Samler-Rizzo
83. Thomas Shedlak
84. Jane Spurrier
85. Fern Steinberg
86. Barbara Symmons
87. Kenneth Williams
88. Anthony Winters
89. Harry Zerler

LCADC - Regular

1. Michael DíAngelo
2. Beverly Hodge
3. Kevin Kassick
4. Julie McCormick
5. Phyllis Prekopa
6. Gregory Pryor
7. Julie Ann Shaw

CADC - Regular

1. Loreen Adamo
2. Cornell Brunson
3. Jesus Cagide
4. Timothy DiGanci
5. Paula Jenkins
6. Gary Schneider


The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Committee is June 25, 2004 at 9:30 a.m. at 124 Halsey Street, Newark, New Jersey.


At 11:44 a.m., on a motion by Sylvia Lippe and seconded by Donald Weinbaum, the Committee moved to Executive Session to review individual applications and consumer complaints.


On a motion by Donald Weinbaum and seconded by Sylvia Lippe, the meeting adjourned at 3:13 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Elaine L. DeMars
Executive Director

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