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The Division of Consumer Affairs has been fighting price gouging since before the COVID-19 state of emergency and has increased its efforts since the health crisis began. The Division has issued warning letters, conducted inspections, issued subpoenas and more, to warn retailers and inform consumers about the Consumer Fraud Act and the Price Gouging Law.

Price Gouging Law

  • Learn more about antibody testing. If you want an antibody test, reach out to your healthcare provider or local pharmacy. They can help you figure out if the test will be covered by insurance and where to find a legitimate clinic, and can ensure that you understand what the results mean.

  • Scammers put pressure on people to buy or commit without giving them time to do further research. Before you agree to anything, do some investigating. Check the FDA website to verify claims that a test has have been approved by the FDA or has received an emergency use authorization issued by the FDA.

  • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a detailed guide to testing for COVID-19. Understand the different tests available and what you need.

  • Never share your personal financial information with strangers. Only make purchases and share your personal information with people and companies you know and trust.

  • As states start to utilize contact tracers to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, an alert has been issued to warn residents about scammers posing as contact tracers. To learn more about the contact tracing process and answers to the most frequently asked questions visit New Jersey's COVID-19 information hub.

Refund Rights Under COVID-19

Read our FAQs about business closures and mandatory refunds here.

Charity Verification & Tips

New Jersey residents are known for coming together in times of need and extreme hardship. Still, when disasters like the COVID-19 pandemic strike, residents must be cautious when donating to charities and crowdfunding campaigns. Visit our charities registration section for information about registration requirements and status. Click here for tips on safe giving. 

Report Emergency Order Violations

To file a complaint about a business remaining open in violation of Executive Order #107, click here.

To file a complaint against a medical professional who is hoarding or inappropriately writing prescriptions for Hydroxychloroquine or other drugs in short supply, click here.