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Press Release

For Immediate Release:
March 30, 2017

Office of The Attorney General
Christopher S. Porrino, Attorney General

Division of Consumer Affairs
Steve C. Lee, Director

Division of Law
Michelle Miller, Acting Director
  For Further Information and Media Inquiries:
Lisa Coryell 973-504-6327
John Schoonejongen 973-504-6327

Emergency Adoption and Proposed Regulation – Limitations on Prescribing, Administering, or Dispensing of Controlled Dangerous Substances, and Special Requirements for Management of Acute and Chronic Pain Examiners

NEWARK – On March 1, 2017, the Attorney General and the State Board of Medical Examiners, New Jersey State Board of Dentistry, New Jersey Board of Nursing, and New Jersey State Board of Optometrists, adopted emergency amendments and new rules, which include prohibiting a prescriber from issuing an initial prescription for the treatment of acute pain for an opioid drug in a quantity exceeding a five-day supply, and requiring the prescription to be for the lowest effective dose of an immediate-release opioid drug.  Concurrently, the provisions of these emergency rules are proposed for re-adoption.

The emergency adopted amendments and new rules, and the proposed re-adoption of these rules  impose limitations on prescribing, administering, or dispensing of controlled dangerous substances, with specific limitations for opioid drugs, and establish special requirements for the management of acute and chronic pain.   

The emergency adopted amendments and new rules, the proposed re-adoption of the regulations, and information on how to submit a comment by April 19, 2017, can be viewed at

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Last Modified: 3/31/2017 10:00 AM