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Press Release

For Immediate Release:
May 29, 2012

Office of The Attorney General
Jeffrey S. Chiesa, Attorney General

Division of Consumer Affairs
Eric T. Kanefsky, Acting Director

  For Further Information and Media Inquiries:
Jeff Lamm
Neal Buccino
(973) 504-6327

New Smart Phone App from New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs Lets Consumers Investigate Charities with Ease

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NEWARK - With a free, new smart phone app, the Division of Consumer Affairs has made it easier than ever to "Investigate Before You Donate" and learn how your favorite charities actually spend the money you give.

The Division today launched the free "Charity Lookup" application for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Built without using taxpayer money, the app is designed to help users make better-informed decisions before they donate to charities. The app is updated weekly, with information from the Division's database on the financial records of 26,000 charities and nonprofits registered to solicit in New Jersey.

"Savvy consumers do their research before they make a purchase or an investment – and they should do the same before giving to a charity," Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa said. "When you look at the numbers you'll learn some so-called charities dedicate only 10 or 20 cents of each donated dollar to actual charitable programs, and give the rest to fundraisers. Other organizations spend virtually every penny on worthwhile charitable projects. With this app we've made it easier than ever to know where your money will go, before you donate."

The screen shots, provided above, show how the app is used. Simply type in the full or partial name of a nonprofit, such as by typing the words "New Jersey" to find the New Jersey Hall of Fame. Then click on the organization's name to find a breakdown of its revenues and expenses, drawn from the organization's most recent fiscal year report. The app shows the New Jersey Hall of Fame spent a total of $412,000 during its most recent reported fiscal year, 99.8 percent of which went toward actual programs to support its mission, less than 1 percent of which went toward management costs, and none of which was spent on fundraising.

"While the Supreme Court has ruled that states can't force charities to spend more money on charitable causes than on fundraising or management costs, we owe it to consumers to bring transparency to the ways charities use the donations they receive," Eric T. Kanefsky, Acting Director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, said. "This app, like our Charities Registration Hotline, provides an important service. It will help shine a spotlight on the state's most un-charitable charities, and bring well-deserved recognition to the organizations that put donated dollars to valuable use."

Director Kanefsky noted that the Better Business Bureau's Standards for Charity Accountability state a charity should dedicate at least 65 percent of its expenses toward program activities, and no more than 35 percent toward fundraising. When consumers consider donating to a charity, they should compare that guideline with the charity's actual expenses.

The Charity Lookup app currently is available only for Apple mobile devices, but will eventually be made available for users of the Android and other devices. It can be downloaded directly at Users can also find it by visiting the Apple App store on their mobile device and searching for "New Jersey Charity Search."

The Charity Lookup app is the product of a partnership between the State of New Jersey and the New Jersey Information Division of NICUSA, Inc., the official eGovernment partner of the State of New Jersey. The New Jersey Information Division of NICUSA, Inc helps New Jersey government entities web-enable their information services.

The app only provides information about charities that are currently registered with the Division. Charities not listed in the app may be exempt from registration, may have had their registration revoked, or may have failed to comply with the law requiring that they register. For information on charities that don't appear in a search of the app, consumers may call the Division of Consumer Affairs' Charities Registration Hotline at 973-504-6215.

Director Kanefsky noted the "New Jersey Charity Lookup" app is the second free app launched by the Division of Consumer Affairs and NICUSA, Inc. in their effort to make vital marketplace information directly accessible to consumers.

The "New Jersey Professional License" app, launched in June 2011, allows users to access its license and registration database and find information about the approximately 600,000 individuals who provide services to the public, ranging from healthcare practitioners to home improvement contractors. (View Press Release).

The State Division of Consumer Affairs encourages New Jersey consumers to learn about charities before making a donation.

For example:


  • Find out whether the charity is registered in New Jersey, or is exempt from having to register. (Certain religious and educational organizations, and charities whose annual income includes less than $10,000 in public contributions and fundraising, are exempt from having to register with the State).
  • Find out how much the charity spent during recent fiscal years on program costs, management costs, and fundraising.
  • Learn about the charity's stated mission.
  • Consumers may obtain information about a charity in several ways. In addition to using the new app they can ask the charity itself (reputable charities encourage you to do so); visit the charity's website; visit the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs' Charities Registration page; or call the Division's Charities Hotline at 973-504-6215 during regular business hours.

About NICUSA: NIC Inc. (NASDAQ: EGOV) is the nation's leading provider of official government portals, online services, and secure payment processing solutions. The company's innovative eGovernment services help reduce costs and increase efficiencies for government agencies, citizens, and businesses across the country. NIC provides eGovernment solutions for more than 3,500 federal, state, and local agencies in the United States. Additional information is available at

Consumers who believe they have been cheated or scammed by a business, or suspect any other form of consumer abuse, can file an online complaint with the State Division of Consumer Affairs by visiting its website or by calling 1-800-242-5846 (toll free within New Jersey) or 973-504- 6200.

Follow the Division of Consumer Affairs on Facebook , and check our online calendar of upcoming Consumer Outreach events.


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