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Office of Weights and Measures

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  1. Who should register a weighing and/or measuring device?

    Everyone who operates or uses a weighing and/or measuring device for commercial purposes within the State of New Jersey should register their device(s) with the State. You are operating the device for commercial purposes if you use the device for the purchase or sale of any commodity. A commodity is defined as any article of food, drink, trade or commerce, or any service or amusement, goods, wares, merchandise or fuel measured by any weighing and measuring or counting system.

  2. How do I register my device(s) with the State Office of Weights and Measures?

    To register the device(s), you must obtain and complete a Registration Application from either the State Office of Weights and Measures or county or municipal offices of weights and measures. Click here for a complete list of telephone numbers of state, county and municipal offices of weights and measures. To download the application form from our Web Site, click here.

  3. Is there a registration fee?

    Yes. To determine the correct amount of the Registration Fees that you have to submit with the Registration Application, please refer to the Registration Fee Schedule, which became effective on September 19, 2005. To download the Registration Fee Schedule from our Web Site, click here. The fees depend upon the type and number of devices located at your business. For example:

    Type of 
    Number of 
    Total Fee from the
    Registration Fee Schedule
    Scale of up to 1,000 pound capacity4
    10Dispenser hose (Metering device)
    20 $200
    18Timing Device 3

    TOTAL:   $345

  4. I am the operator or user of a noncommercial weighing and measuring device. Should I register the device?

    That depends. Although New Jersey's weights and measures laws do not require you to register a device that is used for noncommercial purposes, the inspection and testing of that device by a Weights and Measures officer may be advantageous to you if you need a certified device. To get that device inspected and tested by a Weights and Measures officer, you must complete the Registration Application and pay the proper fees. To download the Registration Application from our Web site, click here. To download the Fee Schedule, please click here.

  5. How do I add or remove a device, used for commercial purposes, from the Registration Records of my business?

    Complete a Registration Application for the new device and submit the same with the appropriate Registration Fees to the State Office of Weights and Measures. If you need to remove a device from the Registration Records of your business, write a letter to the State Office of Weights and Measures identifying the device to be removed.

  6. Will I receive a notice in the mail stating that I have paid my annual Registration Fees for the weighing and measuring devices and that my devices are registered?

    Yes. You will receive a Registration Certificate in the mail within two to six weeks after the State Office of Weights and Measures has received your Registration Application and the appropriate Registration Fees. That Registration Certificate should be conspicuously posted at your place of business, where the weighing and measuring devices are located. If the measuring and measuring device is installed on a vehicle, the Registration Certificate shall be carried in the vehicle. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in penalties.

  7. What should I do if I do not receive my Registration Certificate?

    If you do not receive the Registration Certificate, you should call the State Office of Weights and Measures' Registration Section at (732) 815-4866.

  8. If I register my device(s) once, do I have to register again the following year?

    Yes. You are required by New Jersey law to renew the registration of all commercial weighing and measuring devices prior to the expiration date of your current Registration Certificate.

  9. I did not renew the registration of my weighing and measuring device(s) by the due date. Do I have to pay a late fee?

    Yes. You must pay a late fee of $10 per device in addition to the Registration Fee to get the devices registered. In the interim, you may also be subject to a penalty of not less than $100 per device, plus court costs, for operating unregistered weighing and measuring devices for commercial purposes.

  10. Is there a penalty if I do not register my device(s) at all?

    Yes. If you fail to register weighing and measuring devices used for commercial purposes, you may be subject to a penalty of not less than $100 per device, plus court costs.

Unit Pricing Questions

  1. What is the purpose of unit pricing?

    The purpose of unit pricing is to tell you the cost per "UNIT OF MEASURE" such as per pound or per quart or per pint or per 100 count.

  2. How do businesses decide which "UNIT OF MEASURE" to use for various commodities?

    For many household commodities, New Jersey regulations prescribe which "UNIT OF MEASURE" is to be used for certain type of commodities. For example, the approved "UNIT OF MEASURE" for coffee is "Pound"; the approved "UNIT OF MEASURE" for liquid detergent is "Quart," and the approved "UNIT OF MEASURE" for plastic and paper bags is "100 Count."

  3. How can I get the most for my money by using Unit Pricing?

    You can get the most for your money by comparing the Unit Prices shown on the UNIT PRICE LABELS for different brands of the same item and purchasing the item with the lowest UNIT PRICE. All big supermarkets and department stores are required to display the UNIT PRICE LABELS on shelves or on signs where a particular regulated commodity is being offered for sale. If the UNIT PRICE LABEL is incorrect or missing, ask the manager to rectify the situation. If the problem cannot be resolved, contact the State Office of Weights and Measures at (732) 815-4840.

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