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New Jersey Cemetery Board

Inquiries about the Board may be forwarded to

Quin Archer
Executive Director
P.O. Box 45036
Newark, New Jersey 07101

The Cemetery Board licenses and regulates cemetery companies that are not considered religious corporations.

The purpose of the Board is to protect the welfare of the people of New Jersey. The Board accomplishes this by administering the provisions of the laws which deal with cemetery rules and regulations, the sale of lots, cemetery care, billing disputes, charges for services, and management of trusts and endowment funds. It is also responsible for licensing cemetery sales personnel and issuing certificates of authority, which are required to operate a cemetery company.

One of the most important missions of the Board is to ensure that the millions of dollars contained in cemetery Maintenance and Preservation Trust Funds are properly supervised. 

Last Modified: 3/31/2020 12:18 PM