Military Outreach and Support

The Division of Consumer Affairs expresses New Jersey's gratitude and commitment to service members and their families through programs and educational materials specifically designed to support and protect them. From providing information on scams targeting active and retired military members and their families, to streamlining the process for obtaining professional and occupational licenses for those relocating or returning to New Jersey, the Division is working hard to provide resources for the dedicated members and families of the U.S armed forces. 

A Hero's Welcome to NJ

A Hero's Welcome to NJ

Aimed at providing smooth transitions for military families and veterans relocating to New Jersey, this program helps military spouses who hold professional licenses in other States become licensed in New Jersey, so they can quickly find work in their chosen professions. The program also assists veterans obtain licensure for post-military careers in New Jersey.

A Hero's Welcome to NJ

Defending Our Heroes

This anti-fraud educational initiative is aimed at protecting veterans and active-duty services members from a host of scams targeting them and their families. The program combines online information, public outreach, and educational materials to promote awareness of financial fraud schemes and provide tips on how to avoid falling victim to them. 

Current Scams to Watch Out For
Descriptions of scams arising from: Veterans Charities Scams; Veterans Affairs, Defense Finance and Accounting Services (“DFAS”), or VA Hospital Phishing Scams; U.S. Army CID Phishing Scamsand tips on how to avoid such scams.

Additional Scams to Watch Out For
Descriptions of scams arising from "Paying for Free Services" Scams; Discount Scams; Fake Jobs Scams.

"Military" Scams Targeting the General Public
Descriptions of scams arising from: Funds for Service Members Scams; Online Dating Scams; Charities Scams; Online Dating Scams; Saddam Hussein/Osama Bin Laden Hidden Fortune and tips on how to avoid such scams.

Ten Red Flags that it Might Be a Scam
A simple list of red flags for active service members and veterans to watch out for when they are solicited in person, by phone call, by mail, or through the internet.

Important Contact Information
Use these contacts if you suspect FRAUD.

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