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Printable Complaint Forms

Please read the following information carefully before selecting a type of complaint.

Type of Complaint     When to Use
General Consumer Complaint
(English / ​Spanish​)
  Any other complaint not listed below. (Any Business)

Bureau of Securities
  Complaint regarding an investment or financial professional.

New Car  (Lemon Law)
(English / ​Spanish)
  Complaint involving a defect in a new car within the first 2 years of ownership or 24,000 miles.
New Car Consumer Brief:  (English / ​​Spanish)

Used Car  (Lemon Law)
(English / ​Spanish)
  Complaint involving a defect in a used car up to 7 model years old.
Used Car Consumer Brief:  (English / ​Spanish)

Motorized Wheelchair (Lemon Law)
(English / ​Spanish)
  Complaint involving a defect in a powered wheelchair or mobility scooter within the one-year warranty period.
Motorized Wheelchair Consumer Brief:   (English / ​Spanish)

Note:   Send copies of your supporting documents and not the originals. Mail the completed Consumer Complaint form, with the copies of all supporting documents to:

    New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs
    P.O. Box 45025
    Newark, New Jersey 07101

If you would like a General Consumer Complaint Form mailed to you, please contact the Division of Consumer Affairs at (973) 504-6200.

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