Accelerated Temporary Licensure

In response to the on-going COVID-19 state of emergency, the State of New Jersey has waived certain regulatory provisions regarding licensure of health care practitioners through reciprocity. These waivers will allow health care providers licensed in other states to obtain New Jersey temporary licensure and provide services to New Jersey patients either through telemedicine, pursuant to P.L. 2017, c. 117 (, or in-person.

The following boards have temporarily waived criminal history background check and fee for licensure requirements, among other requirements:

  • Acupuncture Examining Board

  • Alcohol and Drug Counselor Committee  (licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselors)

  • Athletic Training Advisory Committee

  • Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Advisory Committee

  • New Jersey State Board of Dentistry  (licensed dentists)

  • Genetic Counseling Advisory Committee

  • Hearing Aid Dispensers Examining Committee

  • State Board of Marriage and Family Therapy Examiners  (licensed marriage and family therapists)

  • State Board of Medical Examiners

  • New Jersey Board of Nursing  (APN, RN, LPN, HHA)

  • Occupational Therapy Advisory Council  (licensed occupational therapists)

  • State Board of Examiners of Ophthalmic Dispensers and Ophthalmic Technicians

  • New Jersey State Board of Optometrists

  • Perfusionists Advisory Committee

  • Board of Pharmacy

  • State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners  (licensed physical therapists)

  • Physician Assistant Advisory Committee

  • State Board of Polysomnography (licensed polymsonographic technologists)

  • Professional Counselor Examiners Committee (licensed professional counselors)

  • Certified Psychoanalysts Advisory Committee

  • State Board of Psychological Examiners

  • State Board of Respiratory Care

  • State Board of Social Work Examiners

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Last Modified: 3/20/2020 5:58 AM