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New Jersey State Board of Accountancy


(973) 504-6380
Due to COVID-19, messages by phone may result in a delayed response.
Please email your inquiry to the email listed on this webpage.

Inquiries about the Board may be forwarded to

Michela Ross
Executive Director
P.O. Box 45000
Newark, New Jersey 07101
The practice of Accountancy is a business related discipline that promotes the reliability of information that is used for guidance in financial transactions or for accounting for or assessing the financial status or performance of commercial, noncommercial and governmental enterprises. The public interest requires that persons preparing financial statements accompanied by reports or professing special competence in accountancy or offering assurance as to the reliability or fairness of presentation of such information shall have demonstrated their qualifications to do so. The Board also regulates the professional conduct of persons licensed as having special competence in accountancy. 
Last Modified: 5/12/2021 11:01 AM