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New Jersey Drug Control Unit

New Jersey CDS Registration Processing Questions

  1. What is the application fee for a New Jersey CDS registration?
    1. $40.00 for physicians, dentists, pharmacies, podiatrists, veterinarians, APNs, CNMs, PAs, researchers, analytical labs, narcotic treatment programs/methadone clinics, animal shelters and dog trainers/handlers.

    2. $200.00 for Distributors.

    3. $400.00 for Manufacturers.

    If a Criminal History Records Information (CHRI) is required, the additional fee is $18.00, payable to the Division of State Police, and all such payments must be by certified check or money order only.

  2. How long will it take to process a CDS application?

    Initial and renewal applications require approximately two to three (2-3) weeks to process for emailed applications and four to six (4-6) weeks for mailed applications followed by certificate printing and mailing. Business applications requiring a State Police, Criminal History Records Information (CHRI) check involve additional processing time. 

  3. Which controlled dangerous substance Schedules should I checkoff on my application, if I am a typical health care practitioner who prescribes or who will need to prescribe controlled dangerous substances?

    Schedules II, III, IV and V.
    (Presently, registrations involving Schedule I controlled dangerous substances are only issued to qualified researchers and analytical laboratories and a special registration process is required which must be initiated with DEA authorities.)

  4. If I am a practitioner or business involved in controlled dangerous substance activity in the State of New Jersey, do I need both a New Jersey CDS registration and a federal DEA registration?

    Yes, and the New Jersey address on the New Jersey CDS registration MUST be the same as the address used for the DEA registration.

  5. May I use my DEA registration from another state in the State of New Jersey?

    No. DEA registrations and New Jersey CDS registrations are only issued for the specific location where controlled dangerous substances are manufactured, distributed, prescribed or dispensed. (21 C.F.R.-1301.12(a) and N.J.S.A. 24:21-10(c)).

  6. As a licensed health care practitioner who does not dispense controlled dangerous substances from any secondary office, is it required that I obtain a New Jersey CDS registration and DEA registration for each branch office?

    No. New Jersey practitioners who simply prescribe controlled dangerous substances need only obtain a New Jersey CDS registration and a DEA registration for one location in New Jersey; usually the location where a practitioner principally practices. If a practitioner dispenses controlled dangerous substances from more than one location in New Jersey, then each such office location must be issued a separate New Jersey CDS registration and DEA registration.

  7. My New Jersey CDS registration has expired. May I renew online?

    You may only renew online ninety (90) days before the expiration date of your current New Jersey CDS registration. If your New Jersey CDS registration is already in expired status, you must complete a Reinstatement Application for Registration.

  8. How do I change my New Jersey CDS registration address of record?

    In writing. The signed request may be faxed to the New Jersey Drug Control Unit (DCU) Fax Number: (973) 504-6326; or mailed to: New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, New Jersey Drug Control Unit, P.O. Box 45045, Newark, NJ 07101. Include your name, New Jersey CDS registration number (and a photocopy of the existing current New Jersey CDS registration certificate), current New Jersey address of record and new New Jersey address of record. If your registration requires a board practice address (e.g. dentists, veterinarians, pharmacies, etc.), include a copy of the professional board current official address record/permit document. If you are a non-professional board registrant, include a copy of the current corrected corporate, trade name etc. business address registration document. You must likewise timely change your address of record with the DEA. All CDS security requirements must first be in place at the new location.

  9. How do I change or correct my name as it appears on my New Jersey CDS registration?

    The New Jersey Drug Control Unit (DCU) does not have the ability to change or correct your name as registered. You must contact your professional licensing board. When the board has officially changed/corrected your name, forward copy of such verifying document (e.g. copy of corrected NJ biennial licensing certificate) with an explanatory letter and the DCU will mail you a corrected registration. Your former New Jersey CDS registration must then be destroyed or returned to the DCU office with explanation. If you are a non-professionally licensed registrant, forward to DCU a copy of the verifying legal documents with an explanatory letter.

  10. Do I require a separate New Jersey CDS registration for each location where I work?

    Yes, if you propose (and are authorized) to maintain a stock of CDS under your authority at such additional location(s). This includes, for example, CDS maintained under the authority of a medical director at a nursing home, health care or correctional facility. No CDS may be maintained at any site, unless an eligible registrant has obtained CDS and DEA registrations for such site, proper security and handling procedures and documentation are in place, etc. If you will not store CDS at an additional site but, for example, only prescribe CDS from such secondary site, a separate New Jersey CDS registration is not required.

  11. May I walk-in, to the Newark, NJ State Building my initial/renewal application in order to shorten the processing time?

    No. Our office ONLY accepts walk-ins, by prior approval, ten (10) days prior to the expiration date of the New Jersey CDS registration, where extenuating circumstances have resulted in an unavoidable delay.

  12. May a CDS prescription, with refills remaining to be dispensed, be transferred from one pharmacy to another?

    Yes, but only if the Board of Pharmacy does not issue a new pharmacy permit number. When writing to our office, include a copy of the new Board permit, showing the current, corrected address. If a new Board permit number has been issued, you will need to submit new New Jersey CDS (and DEA) registration applications.

  13. Are temporary covering physicians required to apply for some type of locum tenens New Jersey CDS registration?

    No. Locum tenens refers to a physician from another state who covers for another physician in New Jersey, because of illness, vacation or other official absence, for a period of 59 days or less. The covering physician may utilize his/her current, valid out-of-state DEA registration and prescription blanks, but only after having received the official approval of the State Board of Medical Examiners for the specified locum tenens service. Locum tenens practice of 60 days or greater duration requires that the covering practitioner first obtain New Jersey medical licensure, New Jersey CDS and DEA registrations at a valid New Jersey address.

  14. Do manufactures and wholesalers have to register with the Drug Control Unit if they do not handle controlled dangerous substances?

    No, registration is not required with the New Jersey Drug Control Unit, but if they handle prescription legend drugs or prescription medical devices, they must be licensed by the New Jersey Department of Health.

  15. If a registrant loses or misplaces his or her New Jersey CDS registration certificate, can a replacement be provided?

    Yes, any registrant may request a "duplicate" certificate of New Jersey CDS registration by forwarding a letter requesting same and enclosing a $5.00 check or money order payable to “State of New Jersey” and mail to New Jersey Drug Control Unit, P.O. Box 45045, Newark, NJ 07101.

Last Modified: 9/24/2021 4:15 PM