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Halal Enforcement Unit

Office of Consumer Protection
Halal Enforcement Unit
Attn: Murat Botas
P.O. Box 45025
Newark, New Jersey 07101

New Jersey was one of the first states in the nation to ensure that when consumers buy halal foods, they have access to information that will enable them to determine whether they are getting products and/or services that meet their standards according to their Islamic dietary guidelines. The Halal Enforcement Unit is dedicated to protecting consumers who purchase halal food in New Jersey by ensuring that the regulations governing representation of halal food are adequately enforced.

Even though the State of New Jersey does not determine the religious legitimacy or acceptability of the halal standards of these businesses, the NJ Halal Food Consumer Protection Act requires the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs to ensure that all food offered for sale or sold as halal is prepared according to the representations made by the halal dealers. This Act further requires stores, restaurants, caterers, nursing homes, summer camps, bakeries and slaughterhouses to post information setting forth their business practices and requires dealers to keep records for inspection by the Division. Any misrepresentations of the halal food maybe subject to civil penalties.

The Halal Enforcement Unit works year-round to identify new halal establishments and ensure their compliance with the provisions of the Halal Statutes and Regulations.


Last Modified: 4/25/2017 8:10 AM