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Certified Homemaker-Home Health Aides

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  1. What do homemaker-home health aides (CHHAs) do?
    Some typical duties of a homemaker-home health aide include helping the patient take a bath, use the toilet or bed pan, and dress. They also may prepare patient meals, do light laundering, straighten the patient's room, run errands and assist with exercise regimens.
  2. How does the certified homemaker-home health aide know what to do?
    A New Jersey licensed Registered Professional Nurse (R.N.) designs the plan of care for the patient and delegates responsibilities to the homemaker-home health aide.
  3. How do I know if a homemaker-home health aide is certified?
    In New Jersey, homemaker-home health aides fall under supervision of the New Jersey Board of Nursing and are certified only after successfully completing a required training program, a competency evaluation and a criminal history background check. Check the Online directory of certified homemaker-home health aides to ensure the person you are considering hiring is a certified CHHA. You may also call the Board of Nursing at (973) 504-6546 to check the certification status of a CHHA.
  4. How can I find a homemaker-home health aide to assist my family?
    Certified homemaker-home health aides must be employed by a New Jersey-licensed home health care services agency . A certified homemaker-home health aide may not work privately.
  5. What NJ government agency regulates Health Care Service Firms at which CHHAs may be employed?
    The Division of Consumer Affairs' Regulated Business Section regulates Health Care Service Firms in NJ. CHHAs may not work independently. They must be employed by a health care service firm and be under he supervision of an R.N.
  6. What NJ government agency regulates CHHAs?
    The New Jersey Board of Nursing regulates certified homemaker-home health aides.
  7. What NJ government agency regulates residential healthcare facilities, assisted living residences and programs, and alternate family care providers?
    The New Jersey Department of Health licenses and/or regulates nursing homes and other long-term care settings and programs.

Online Employment Verification Questions

  1. What is the Online, CHHA Employer Verification System?
    This system is a tool to be used by agencies that employ and place CHHAs. Starting January 31, 2012, agencies will be required to access this online system to verify and maintain an up-to-date list of CHHAs employed by their agency.
  2. When will the Online Employer Verification System be available?
    The system will be available starting January 31, 2012.
  3. How do I access the Online Employer Verification System?
    Letters mailed from the State in January will provide each agency with instruction on when and how to access this system. The letters will include a license number and code that is to be used one time to access the online employer verification system. Once the agency accesses the system using this license number and code, they will be required to create a unique User ID and Password to access the system on a go forward basis.
  4. What do I do if I do not receive a letter from the State in January?
    Please call (973) 504-6430 to obtain a copy of the letter, which will provide you with your license number and registration code which is needed to access the verification system.
  5. What do I do if I forgot my User ID and/or Password?
    The system has a prompt that you can access that will instruct you on how to create a new User ID and/or Password. You will need to have your license number and registration code to re-register. If you don't have that information, you may obtain it by calling (973) 504-6430
  6. Does each user in the agency get to create a User ID and Password?
    No, there is only one User ID and Password per agency. Please make sure that all users of the system are aware of the unique ID and password that is created.
  7. How often should I access this system to update my CHHA employment records?
    The system is set up to only allow agencies to add active and current certified CHHAs. As such, it is recommended that you enter newly employed CHHAs at the time of hiring to ensure that their certifications are active and current before they are placed by your agency. Terminations may be done on a periodic basis, depending on your agency's policy.
  8. When I hire a new CHHA, how do I add that CHHA to the list?
    Each time you hire a CHHA, you should access the Online CHHA Employer Verification System using the unique User ID and Password that you established for your agency. There is an "Add" button at the bottom of the CHHA listing. When you click on that button, you will be prompted to search for the CHHA using the CHHA's license number. Only CHHAs that have an active certification will appear.
  9. What should I do if I cannot find the CHHA I am adding?
    If you are unable to find the CHHA using the search tool provided, you should advise the CHHA to contact the Board, as there may be an issue with their certification. You should not place the CHHA until you are able to add them using the online verification tool.
  10. When should I put an end date in the system for an CHHA?
    That depends on your agency's employment policy. Keep in mind that if the CHHA does not have an open/current employment record, they will not be permitted to renew their certification in the next renewal.
  11. Will the CHHAs be required to identify their employers in future renewals?
    No, for future renewals, we will rely on the employment information received from you through the Online Employer Verification System. Only CHHAs that have active and current employment information will be allowed to renew their certifications in future renewals. This is why it is important that all agencies keep their CHHA employee list up to date.
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