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Home Inspection Advisory Committee


Inquiries about the Committee may be forwarded to

Michael DeFrancisci
Acting ​Executive Director
P.O. Box 45043
Newark, New Jersey 07101

Home Inspector License Renewal

Please be advised that although you have paid for your Home Inspector License Renewal, your E & O Insurance document and renewal questionnaire must be manually processed to ensure that the document you submitted and the questionnaire your completed are correct. Once they are verified, your new license will be sent. If you have received a system generated letter stating that your license still needs to be renewed, and you have already paid the renewal fee, please do not call the Committee office inquiring about your renewal. If either of the documents submitted are incorrect, a member of the Committee staff will reach out to you. If there are no issues with your renewal, a new license should be received in 7-14 business days, from the date the renewal is reviewed and deemed appropriate.

We appreciate your patience.

The Home Inspection Advisory Committee, which is under the State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, licenses home inspectors and regulates the home inspection profession.

The purpose of the Committee is to:

  • protect the health, safety and welfare of the people of New Jersey;
  • regulate the practice of home inspection; and
  • ensure that home inspections are performed in compliance with State law.

The Committee protects the public by:

  • ensuring that home inspectors meet all educational requirements for licensure;
  • investigating and prosecuting home inspectors who have broken the state's consumer protection laws; and
  • requiring all home inspectors to meet the standards for licensure and renew their licenses every two years.

Last Modified: 4/16/2019 10:07 AM