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Downtown Newark,NJ

New Jersey Board of Nursing

Decision-Making Model Algorithms

Determining Scope of Nursing Practice and Making Delegation Decisions

The Board of Nursing's mission is to protect the health, safety and welfare of New Jersey citizens. The Board licenses nurses to ensure safe, competent care. The Board is committed to educating nurses in safe decision making, including Registered Nurse decisions to delegate selected nursing tasks to Licensed Practical Nurses and ancillary nursing personnel.

This Decision Making Model has been designed by the Board to assist nurses in using the information available to them for resolving scope of practice issues.

If you have a question about nursing practice, follow each step of this model to make your decision. If you are not able to answer your question after going through each step of this model, consult with your institution's Nursing Practice Committee. If the Nursing Practice Committee of your institution, agency or health care provider cannot resolve the scope of practice issue, the committee may submit a written request to the Executive Director of the Board for an opinion from the Board's Practice Committee. Please include documentation from your Practice Committee on the practice issue addressed in each step of the model.


Last Modified: 2/21/2019 5:27 AM