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Physician Assistant Advisory Committee

Frequently Asked Questions

Fees and Charges

  1. I have decided not to move to New Jersey and I want to withdraw my application. What should I do? Is my application fee refundable?

    No. The application fee is nonrefundable. If you decide during the application process that you would like to withdraw your application, it is necessary for you to put this request in writing, sign and date the request and give a brief explanation as to why you would like to withdraw your application. The licensure fee may be refunded upon presentation of the front and back of the check or canceled money order.


  1. I am scheduled to complete my educational program in June of next year. When should I apply for my New Jersey Physician Assistant license?

    Applications for a Physician Assistant license remain active for one year only. Therefore, you should not apply for a Physician Assistant license with the New Jersey Physician Assistant Advisory Committee until you have satisfactorily completed the required educational program.

  2. I received my education outside of the United States. May I apply for a Physician Assistant license if I went to an international school?

    No. New Jersey law requires satisfactory completion of a Physician Assistant education program that has been approved by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA) Inc. or its successor.

  3. I hold a Doctor of Medicine degree. I received my medical education outside of the United States. May I apply for a Physician Assistant license if I went to an international medical school and while I am waiting to be licensed as a medical doctor?

    No. New Jersey law makes no provision to allow licensure for physician to practice as Physician Assistants regardless of their training in or outside of the United States.

  4. I received my medical education in the United States. I am a medical doctor (or doctor of osteopathy) by training. May I work as or apply for a Physician Assistant license while I am waiting to be licensed as a medical doctor?

    There is no provision in the law to allow for a physician, regardless of his or her medical training, to work as a Physician Assistant while waiting to be licensed as a physician. New Jersey law specifically requires Physician Assistants to have completed an educational program for Physician Assistants which has been approved by the ARC-PA program.

  5. What does "primary source verification" mean?

    The Committee verifies all applicant information as "primary source verification." This means that we must receive the information directly from the issuing source. (e.g., School transcripts must come directly from your school. The Committee will not accept a noncertified copy).

  6. May a licensee practice in New Jersey using a Physician Assistant license from another state?

    No. The only exception that allows out-of-state licensed Physician Assistants to practice in New Jersey is when the U.S. military, another federal entity or a reservation for Native Americans employs the individual. Physician Assistants who work for the federal government, as such, may not practice outside the employing federal facility without first obtaining a New Jersey Physician Assistant license.

Continuing Education

  1. Are Physician Assistants in New Jersey required to obtain continuing medical education (C.M.E.) credits every year? How do you know if the credits taken are fulfilling the requirements?

    Physician Assistants are required to complete 50 Category I continuing education credit hours per biennial renewal. The licensee must check to make sure that all Category I C.M.E. course have been approved by at least one of the following: the American Medical association, the American Academy of Physician Assistants, the American Osteopathic Association or the Accreditation Council or Continuing medical Education (N.J.A.C.13:35-2B.8). At the time of renewal, proof of C.M.E. completion is not required upfront. Continuing medical education is checked by random audits and proof of completion must be provided upon demand. Failure to provide proof of C.M.E. completion may lead to possible action taken by the Committee.


  1. Can I perform medical services not listed in the statute?

    Yes, a physician assistant may perform medical services beyond those explicitly authorized by the statute and regulations. When medical services are delegated by your supervising physician, with whom you have signed a delegation agreement, the procedures are limited to those customary to the supervising physician’s specialty and within the supervising physician and physician assistant’s competence and training.

  2. Can I be supervised by a Podiatrist, Chiropractor or Dentist?

    No, a physician assistant shall only engage in practice under the direct supervision by a plenary licensed physician.

  3. Is there a sample form I could use? What information should be found in my delegation agreement?

    There is not a sample form. Requirements of what should be contained with the delegation agreement can be found in the Physician Assistant Modernization Act.

  4. I’ve recently moved out of state and will no longer be practicing in the state of New Jersey. Should I notify the Board or can I allow my license to expire?

    A licensee may notify the Committee in writing to request their license be placed in inactive status. A Physician Assistant with an inactive license will not be subject to the payment of past renewal fees. Once your license is placed in inactive status you will not be able to practice as a Physician Assistant. When requesting restoration from an inactive status you will be required to pay the current renewal fee and must meet the criteria for renewal as specified by the Board. There is no fee to be placed in inactive status.

  5. How many Physician Assistants can be supervised by the Supervising Physician?

    The Supervisory ratio shall be no more than four physician assistants to one physician at any one time.

Last Modified: 5/25/2021 4:52 AM