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ALERT:     New  Law

On November 1, 2016, a new law became effective that prohibits the sending of unsolicited advertisement by means of a text message to a resident of New Jersey if it may cause the recipient to incur a telecommunications charge or a usage allocation deduction.  Information on how to stop text message spam is available here .

Consumers who wish to file a complaint regarding unsolicited advertisements by text message can use the Division's general complaint form.


The purpose of the Telemarketers – Do Not Call Law is to:

  • provide for registration of telemarketers who make residential telemarketing sales calls to New Jersey customers.
  • requires any person or entity placing telemarketing sales calls to customers located in the State of New Jersey to be registered with the Division of Consumer Affairs.
  • protects the public by providing that those who do not wish to receive such calls with a procedure to eliminate or limit such calls.
  • prohibits telemarketers from by placing calls to New Jersey residents who have listed their phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry.

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"Do Not Call" Information

The New Jersey "Do Not Call" law is now in effect, maximizing State residents' protection from unsolicited and unwanted telemarketing sales calls. The "Do Not Call" law empowers consumers to take control of their phone lines and safeguard their privacy.

If you are a New Jersey resident who has already signed up for the federal "Do Not Call" registry, administered by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), you need not do anything else. You're already covered under New Jersey's law.

If you haven't signed up and want to stop telemarketing sales calls, you may register your home or mobile phone numbers online by clicking here. To register online, you will need an active e-mail address.

You may also register by calling the FTC at 1-888-382-1222. You must call from the telephone number you want to register. Registration is free. Telemarketers will have up to three months from the date you register to stop calling you.

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs is responsible for enforcing the New Jersey "Do Not Call" law and is devoted to thoroughly investigating and, where appropriate, aggressively prosecuting violators who break the New Jersey "Do Not Call" law - regardless of how large or small the company is or where it is based.

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